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Dear Academicians;

IV. International Multidisciplinary Eurasian Congress which will be held by "Young Scholars Union" between 23 to 25 Agust 2017 in Rome is aimed to come together with scientific studies scholars working in different disciplines, to exchange knowledge and experiences and thus to prepare the ground for multidisciplinary studies.

The congress will be accepted  fields of  Natural Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and Fundamental Sciences. Abstracts in the "Humanities" & "Social sciences" fields will also be evaluated for “CoRiS Special Sessions”.

Rome can be described Italy's cultural and tourism center. We will be happy to welcome you in Rome.

Thank you in advance for your participation and your contributions on behalf of Young Scholars Union.

The language of the Congress is English, Turkish and Italian.

Abstract Submission Deadline
14th April, 2017
15 May, 2017

Full Paper Submission Deadline
16th June, 2017
15th July, 2017

Registration Deadline
17th July, 2017